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At the moment my blog is of Samurai Flamenco, Oofuri, Free!, Attack on Titan, and Hetalia. This blog is pretty work safe, but I do tag nsfw, nsfw?. My blog is mostly of 1) reblogs 2) my art 3) my own post which is either about anime/manga or personal.

I do request and commisions. I have a deviantart and a fanfiction.
Sadly I haven't wrote in a while

I love anime and really anything Japanese. My favorite genre of manga/anime would be fantasy and yaoi. I love playing Jrpgs. If you have any questions just ask! I'm kinda shy but I'm really nice! :D

Please enjoy your stay!

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i want a fic with Yuki one day taking Haru to an aquarium and it’s all nice and sweet and fluffy until they get to one tank and Haru has a weird aggressive stand-off with one of the fish and almost breaks the glass and when they get home he explains that it was flirting so hard with you Yuki how did you not notice’