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At the moment my blog is of Samurai Flamenco, Oofuri, Free!, Attack on Titan, and Hetalia. This blog is pretty work safe, but I do tag nsfw, nsfw?. My blog is mostly of 1) reblogs 2) my art 3) my own post which is either about anime/manga or personal.

I do request and commisions. I have a deviantart and a fanfiction.
Sadly I haven't wrote in a while

I love anime and really anything Japanese. My favorite genre of manga/anime would be fantasy and yaoi. I love playing Jrpgs. If you have any questions just ask! I'm kinda shy but I'm really nice! :D

Please enjoy your stay!

My header/sidebar are of my OCs made at


Last photo set of the unofficial Ib photo shoot. It’s suppose to be a recreation of the scene where Ib finds Garry and gives him his rose. Sadly that fabulous Garry doesn’t have a tumblr.

The Ib is pikachusweetie.

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